RICH REVIEWS: One Wild Day Episodes 1

Episode One: Deserts
Air Date: Saturday, April 17 at 8 pm/7c
Narrated by: Patrick Aryee
Camera: Mark Payne-Gill, Toby Strong, Keith Brust, Pete Hayns, Matt Norman
Directed/Produced by: Anwar Mamon
Run Time: 48 min, 2 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Here we see a 24-hour look into the lives of some animals. The videos of these animals are amazing. The scenery is gorgeous. The sun plays such an important part in the lives of animals.
A Namaqua Chameleon is shown up close. He is a strange creature. He needs to warm up before he does anything.
The Desert Elephants are huge. The adults are shown protecting the young.
The closeup shots of these desert animals will have any nature lover in love with them. You will learn so many interesting things.
The Harris Hawk is a hunter. It has amazing eyesight and speed in the air.
A Sidewinder Snake has a unique way of moving. The Shovel Snouted Lizard does move differently as well.
Then we go back to the Namaqua Chameleon it loves to munch on beetles.
In deserts, the temperatures skyrocket. At night they go to freezing. A sandstorm is a hardship the animals must endure.
A Web footed Geeko is beautifully colored and has big beautiful eyes.
The desert evening has a Caracal Cat that has a very definite look to it. You will notice one part of it that stands out.
The Kangaroo Rat is so cute. And as opposed to the rat a Gila Monster looks evil.
This is a wonderful show you are sure to enjoy.

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