RICH REVIEWS: Once Upon a Time at the End of the World # 13

Title: Once Upon a Time at the End of the World # 13
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Jason Aaron
Illustrated by: Nick Dragotta, Alexandre Tefenkgi, Leila Del Duca
Colored by: Rico Renzi, Lee Loughridge, Tamra Bonvillian
Lettered by: AndWorld Design
Main Cover by: Ariel Olivetti
Variant Covers by: Ariel Olivetti, Leila Del Duca with Colors by Tamra Bonvillain, Gerald Parel
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Old Mace and Mother Mezzy two fight as one and they show no mercy. They now hate each other for a common goal they sure know what, how, and who to kill.
Mother Mezzy trained a bunch of wastlanders and now all they want is to destroy everything. Two people stand between them and their goal.
The love between Mother Mezzy and Old Mace is still so strong. They still belong together.
Then Mace’s engine is used and is the end of the world. Well, Mace and Mezzy still have a lot more people to kill. Plus they still have unresolved issues between them. What was it that caused them to split apart?
This is a hard look at the future in a world gone to hell and the wasteland is the worst place you could ever live. Yet even in this wasteland love endures.
The art does show this world for what it is hell on Earth. No one would want to live here and the ones who do survive wish they did not have to.
You will feel for Mace and Mezzy and you know things will never fully work out right for them yet you will find yourself somehow hoping it does. The more you read the more you want a happy ending for these two who have suffered so much.

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