RICH REVIEWS: Octobriana and the Underground: Full Tilt Boogie # 1

Title: Octobriana and the Underground: Full Tilt Boogie # 1
Publisher: Dead Good Comics
Writers: Stu Taylor, Lucy James
Artists: Simon Fraser, Simone Ragazzoni, N. Steven Harris
Colorists: Ellie Wright, Sofie Dodgson
Letterers: Josh Reed, Hassan Otsmane-Elhadu
Cover by: Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn
Variant Covers by: Flops Comics, Michael Cho
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Previously…” This is a nice recap and tells you about Octobriana and you learn a little about Baba Yaga the villain. The splash page is gorgeously illustrated Octobriana is a babe who can fight.
“Doxxing Match”  Octobriana and her two companions enter the cyber world. Octobriana’s personality is different from previous issues. Here she seems sane not the killer psycho from other comics she has been in. Who are her two companions one a gorilla that talks, a little explanation would be nice. Lots of time travel in this story as well. If we knew more about the characters and what they are doing and why it would make the comic easier to follow.
“Red Girl Summer: Part 1 – God Hates A Coward” Here we see Octobriana’s personality mentioned of her overreacting which suits her. Octobriana and her four comrades have a little mission. Octobriana gets into a fight and she is trying so hard not to kill. For her, this is not how she wants to fight.
Ocoobriana needs to be more badass and go in hard in her fights. She is a freedom fighter for those who need it. The time travel is just a side part added in for fun. The same for her sidekicks they are not needed. Octobriana needs to be the focus more and have her in more action. RICH REVIEWS

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