Title: Obscura (GN)
Publisher: Markosia
Writer: Luke Cartwright
Art: Lukasz Wnuczek
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: William Morier is the Undertaker’s son. The poor boy is picked on by local bullies. He is also kept apart due to his father’s calling.
The White Sisters appear to have some ability at summoning the dead. Then there is only one and there is something going on.
The art is dark and the settings Gothic. The lettering style at times makes it hard to read.
William and Catherine the surviving White sister meet as both have become adults. These two outcasts of society find each other and it is love. Their love is not easy. We see them attempting to become con artists and all the problems they have trying to succeed. Fleecing people of money is not easy.
We see William will do anything to protect his wife and save her. He does love her so. In some aspects these two seem the villains it is just their reason for doing what they are doing that is good and they are the ones suffering.
William is pushed and pushed in this book. It is a surprise how much he takes and how much he does.
The black and white art throughout this book is gorgeously done. It sets the atmosphere for the whole book perfectly. There is a dark side in this book and in the characters.
There are some twists and turns that will have you guessing. There is a morbidness to this book and evil throughout it. You will be surprised.

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