RICH REVIEWS: Northstars Volume Two: Yeti Wedding

Title: Northstars Volume Two: Yeti Wedding
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Art, Colors & Letters: Anna Liisa Jones
Story and Flatting: Jim and Haigen Shelley
Inside Cover Art: Kata Kane
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Santa and Mrs. Claus and Holly Claus their daughter are going to Yetisburg. Holly meets up with her yeti friend Princess Frostina. Frostina’s Aunt Brrronica is getting married. Holly is quite the detective as we see. Her deductive skills would impress Sherlock Holmes.
The Gryla is mentioned yet not shown at first. It does pique your interest getting you wanting to see her. To know what she looks like. When you do see her she is not what you might expect.
Holly and Frostina do get into some adventurous fun. They also attend a wedding. A yeti wedding is like any ordinary wedding just with lots of yetis there.
Holly and Frostina do know how to enjoy themselves and how to solve problems. These girls are cute and fun. You will enjoy spending time with them.

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