RICH REVIEWS: Northguard Season 2 # 2

Title: Northguard Season 2 # 2
Publisher: Chapterhouse
Written by: Anthony Falcone and Aaron Feldman
Pencils by: Sergio Carrera
Inks by: Federico Iglesias
Colours by: Vaneda Vireak
Letters by: Andrew Thomas
Cover by: Cian Tormey/Colours Mark Dale
Northguard Created by: Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: One woman, Senator Vanessa Welsh wants America ready should the Canadian super-heroes ever become a threat to America. She does have a delusional sense about the Canadian super-heroes who only do good.
An assassin Wolf is after the man Garcia that Northguard is with. Northguard and Wolf do play together and no winner is seen. They do get violent and Wolf has a fun deadly attitude.

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