RICH REVIEWS: Nina Simone in comics

Title: Nina Simone in Comics (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Script and documentary texts: Sophie Adriansen
Cover: Sandrine Fourrier
Art: Antoane, Romain Brun, Domenico Carbone, Gabriele Di Caro, Mademoiselle Caroline, Samuel Figuière, Dario Formisani, Sandrine Fourrier, François Foyard, Christian Galli, Chadia Loueslati, Walter Pax, Isa Python, Benjamin Reiss, Riccardo Randazzo, Adrien Roche,
Anne Royant, Cynthia Thiéry, Mayeul Vigouroux
Price: $ 27.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Music As Company” Artist and Colorist: Anne Royant. Eunice is a young girl who is talented and with no training. The art here does convey the family life Eunice had as a young girl.
“I’m Going To Be A Classical Pianist When I Grow Up” Artist and Colorist: Christian Galli. Here you get a look at the racism that was present in this earlier time. Eunice did start taking lessons on the piano and she had a dream. Most thought her dream could never come true.
“Do You Feel Black?” Artist and Colorist: Samuel Figuière. Eunice stands up when her parents are being treated differently just because of their skin color. You feel how wrong it is.
“Early Setbacks” Artist: Dario Formisani, Colorist: Lysandre Vanhoutvenne. Eunice finds that getting what she wants is easy. woman though does not give up.
“The Devil’s Music” Artist and Colorist: Mademoiselle Caroline. The art here is more plain and less detailed but it does have a style to it. Here Eunice Waymon gets her stage name, Nina Simone. Here is where she truly starts her career.
“Pivotal Figures” Artist and Colorist: Adrien Roche. Nina makes a decision that will affect her career and life. The art is plain with nice subdued colors.
“We Start Recording Tomorrow” Artist and Colorist: Antoine. Nina finds making an album is not just about the music. Nina is finding out it is a business too. The art is light with some nice shading to it. It does not stand out though.
“Patience…” Artist and Colorist: François Foyard. Here we get a nice fun art style. Nina learns that the music industry can have a dark side.
“A New Star Is Born!” Artist and Colorist: Cynthia Thiéry. The art has some weird proportions for Nina and some out-of-place facial expressions. Her record company does start treating her better.
“A Hold On Me” Artist and Colorist: Chadia Loueslati. The use of colors is well done in this. Nina is shown with her fiance and this police Captain is not a good man and Nina is blind to just how much he is not.
“I’ll be Back” Artist: Riccardo Randazzo, Colorist: Sara Colella. Nina has a good trip to Africa to perform. Nina is made more aware of racial discrimination. It is something that should not be happening and presented here so you know that it is wrong. The backgrounds are well-drawn with detail.
“Your Weapon Is Music!” Artist and Colorist: Isa Python. Nina starts speaking out through her music. She stands up for what is right in a big way. Her expression is drawn with determination in it.
“Towards a Music of Protest” Artist and Colorist: Sandrine Fourrier. Here the story focuses on blacks marching and wanting equal rights. They deserve them too. The art is simple as it fits the story.
“Young, Gifted and Black” Artist and Colorist: Romain Brun. Here we get to see an inspiring song created. It speaks the truth. It is a song that will touch you. Nice simple art here which works well.
“Human Kindness Day” Artist and Colorist: Gabriele Di Caro. Nina is on a downward spiral. She is losing everything. Some of the faces are drawn to elongated.
“In A Pub In Paris” Artist and Colorist: Benjamin Reiss. Nina does find herself performing at a place not as high up as she has been used to. The art is stylish.
“My Baby Just Cares For Me” Artist: Domenico Carbone, Colorist: François Reynaud. Nina’s career has not been going well yet one song helps her to make a comeback. You can tell from the art she is aging.
“That’s Enough!” Artist: Walter Pax, Colorist: François Reynaud. Nina Simone loses it here. She does get a light sentence. What she did was uncalled for and way overkill.
“Happy Birthday Mister President” Artist and Colorist: Mayeul Vigouroux. Nina does get to sing at an important event along with other famous black performers. They are wonderfully illustrated.
“God Be With You Till We Meet Again” Artist and Colorist: Anne Royant. Nina was an amazing woman. She accomplished so much in her life. You will respect and admire her.

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