RICH REVIEWS: Nightmare Patrol # 1

nightmare-patrol-1Title: Nightmare Patrol # 1
Publisher: Vector Comics
Writers: Jeff and Bruce Haas
Pencils: JC
Colors: Mae Hao
Letterer: Zen
Cover: Scott Barnett
Inside over: Dennis Coyle
Logo: Jamilyn K. Parks
Price: $ 4.25 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The inside cover artwork is pretty col and gives you the team members so you know who and what they are. A golem, a werewolf, a vampire and one cute witch.
A government facility is under attack so who do they call as reinforcements. The Night Patrol a team of four monsters. Hestor, Melvin, Poe and The Golem are shown in flash backs. This comic does jump back and forth in time a lot.
Melvin and Poe both share something in common they both care about Hester. Both werewolf and vampire are drawn in battle and savage creatures but the Golem is brutal.
The comic is full of battle action as creatures of the night fight it out. There are a few surprises to. Seeing the government using monsters instead of soldiers is all well.
Hester rarely uses her magic. Having her fighting with it would have been better rather than her fighting without it and seeming like the powerless female that needs rescuing. Than she complains about getting rescued. Better had she foght more and instead of just once used her magic more.
The art looks great and showcases these creatures to good effect. Each monsters uniqueness is brought out in the art. Plus we see the monstrous side to them as well.
Monsters Rule!

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