RICH REVIEWS: Night Wolf # 3

Title: Night Wolf # 3
Publisher: Lone Wolf Comics
Story, Script, & Letters by: Robert A. Multari
Cover & Page Illustration & Inks by: Bokuman Studio
Cover & Pager Colors by: Gat Melvyn
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Rod as a werewolf is one imposing sight. The art is stunning on him the colors beautifully done and his teeth you have to see. Rod faces Black Claw another werewolf he is drawn as a dark creature. The fight is a fierce one and blood is drawn the action could have been illustrated better to show the emotion and brutality of it.
For Rod, his life is no longer so pretty. The evil characters entering his life are bring such pain and suffering. They deliver death to all around him. Rod is learning how to fight back and he now has help from a pure breed. She is armed and so very dangerous. So we see there are both good and bad werewolves in this story. Yet Rod may be the most powerful of them all.
This is getting exciting. The monster characters are illustrated horrifically. This is like a horror movie filled with the creatures of the night that you fear.

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