RICH REVIEWS: Nickelodeon: Pandemonium! # 3

Title: Nickelodeon: Pandemonium! # 3
Publisher: Papercutz
Writers: various
Artists: various
Breadwinners created by: Gary “Doodles” DiRaffeale and Steve Borat
Harvey Beaks created by: C.H. Greenblatt
Pig Goat Banana Cricket created by: Johnny Ryan and Dave Cooper
Sanjay and Craig created by: Jim Dirschberger, Jay Howell, and Andreas Trolf
The Loud House created by: Chris Savino
Cover Artists: Chris Savino and Andreas Schuster
Price: $ 7.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Karla Sakas Shropshire – Writer
Kiernan Sjursen-Lien – Artist, Letterer
Amanda Rynda – Colorist
Here each letter tells you something about the Loud House family. Reading about all twenty-six letters could put a baby to sleep. The art is cute and in an animated style.
David Scheidt – Writer
Andreas Schuster – Artist, Letterer
Laurie E. Smith – Colorist
Harvey Beaks shows us in this story what a fine upstanding young gentleman he is. The lesson here is if you do something wrong take responsibility for it and make it right. All the animals are illustrated so cutely here.
Dale Malinowski – Writer
Sam Spina – Artist, Letterer
Laurie E. Smith – Colorist
Craig goes to far with Sanjay and their friends. This story is to short so its over almost before it begins. The art is prefect for children.
Eric Esquivel – Writer
Gary Fields – Artist
Laurie E. Smith – Colorist
Bryan Senka – Letterer
The Breadwinners get lost in the wrong part of town and must face the Biker Ducks. Somethings just are not as scary as you think they are. Nice fun art here.
Carson Montgomery – Writer
Andreas Schuster – Artist, Colorist, Letterer
Sometimes things should not be taken literally. The creatures here are cute fun looking things.
Eric Esquivel – Writer
James Kaminski – Artist
Laurie E. Smith – Colorist
Bryan Senka – Letterer
Sanjay’s mom telling him a story. The story gets passed along and as is want to happen the story changes with each telling. Now this leads to most unexpected consequences. The bears with nun-chucks are drawn nicely.
Eric Esquivel – Writer
Andreas Schuster – Artist, Letterer
Matt Herms, Laurie E. Smith – Colorists
Are stars science or magic that is the question between Cricket and Banana. The art is fun and exciting as Orion appears. Orion is illustrated as a children’s version of himself.
Miguel Puga – Writer, Artist, Letterer
Amanda Rynda – Colorist
This is a sneak peak at “The Loud House # 1” its a cute look at it to.

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