RICH REVIEWS: Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver # 1

Title: Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver # 1
Publisher: Archaia
Story and Art: David Petersen
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Owlhen Caregiver”
Here we see a caring owl returning the caring it was shown from a mouse. This story is narrated by a mouse caring for her husband and the son who needs to learn compassion. Perhaps he does. A good kind heart is a wonderful thing.
The art here is magnificent. It does capture the beauty of these creatures.
The emotions here will bring a tear to your eye.
“Piper the Listener”
A young mouse whose family has been hurt by the death of his sister narrates a tale of the Piper she was many things but mostly a listener. The Piper wished to learn other languages. Piper travels and listens to many animals. Aw, there is a valuable lesson here.
The young narrator well learns so much from the book he narrates. This is a very touching story.
The animals are illustrated with a soft touch and soft colors that are simply beautiful to behold.
“The Wild Wolf”
Youngfur narrates a valuable lesson he learned to a couple of young adventurous and foolish mice. Beautiful art shows us these mice and the other creatures. These mice do live in a world that if you are not careful can be savage.

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