RICH REVIEWS: Monty’s World Trade Paperback Vol. 3 

Title: Monty’s World Trade Paperback Vol. 3
Publisher: Will Lill Comics
Creators: Llyod Smith, Joe Koziarski, Ron Fortier,  John Michael Helmer
Written by: Llyod Smith, Todd Jones, Mark F. Davis,  John Michael Helmer, Edmundo Sanchez Angel & Clementino Digenes, Ron Fortier
Pencils by: Ernest Edwards, Luis Rivera, Joe Koziarski, Lee Oaks, JP Dupas , Gary Kato, Ben Ferrari
Inks by: David Vance, Luis Rivera, Joe Koziarski, Lee Oaks, JP Dupas, Gary Kato, Ben Farrari
Letters by: David Vance, Warren Montgomery, James Gaubatz, Es Comic!, Gary Kato
Colors by: Warren Montgomery, Es Comic!, Evan Evans, Bobby & Jame Penafiel, Federico Sioc
Price: $ 19.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: This trade paperback collects Fun Adventure Comics # 1-5.
Alex Miracle in “The Threat of the Tentacled Terror”. Alex Miracle will remind you of Adam Strange. The art has a nice retro style to it. Alex visits his love Adara on her planet Xenith.  Alex gets to fight a giant monster and comes up with a plan fast. He uses his knowledge of earth creatures to fight it. The story is over fast and the adventure not that exciting. The characters are good they just need to be used better.
The Midnight Stranger in “Dreaming Men Are Haunted Men…” Writer Lloyd Smith, artist Joe Koziarski, coloring/lettering Warren Montgomery.
A man wants revenge. But how can he get it while in a coma? Siege comes to him to help him. Siege is a cosmic being. The man is given power and he uses it. The art is too vague and the story does get gory.
Captain Jain Marlee in “A Cold Demise” created by Ron Fontier, art by Luis Rivera and colors by Escomics.  The first page is a beautifully done pin-up of the Captain.
The story has the Captain listened to the details of a theft and she uses her deductive abilities to solve the case. How she does it is never fully explained.
Captain Jain Marlee is a cute likable person and one that is intelligent.
The Midnight Stranger in “Between the Wish and the Thing…” Ben and the Midnight Stranger are working together so both get what they want. The Midnight Stranger’s use of his powers is something to see. Ben wants answers, can the Midnight Stranger get them without killing everyone first? The illustrations of the Midnight Stranger using his powers provides unexpectedness.
“The Paranormal Consultant” is written by Todd Jones, art by Lee Oaks and lettering by James Gaubatz. Mr. Slade helps out a family with their haunted house. He does have a unique way of handling things and handling the ghost.
The Black Bat in “Shootout at the Dry Martini”. The Black Bat is a hard-edged crime fighter. He lets the bullets fly fast and furious. The Black Bat is a hero in the style of Batman or the Shadow. He will strike fear in the hearts of criminals.
The Midnight Stranger in “…for the Love of Money!” We find out Siege-L is the powerful being name who is helping Ben get his revenge and answers for a price. Together they are the Midnight Stranger.
This story is about a group of people out for money by killing others. Carrie, Malcolm, and Vinnie all face the Midnight Stranger for their crimes.
Midnight Stranger’s character is similar to DC’s Spectre.
The American Symbol stars in “Into the Fire!” written by Mark F. Davis, illustrated by Luis Rivera, colorist Es Comic! and lettering Warren Montgomery.
A Mystery Man jumps into action standing up to protect America. He will protect America from terrorists such as the Sea Czar.
“A Little Help” with plot/art by Ron Stewart, words by Ron Fontier, colorist Bobby & Jame Penafiel and letterer Warren Montgomery.
A man is met by beggars one after another as he walks down a street. Jack Saunders does give and give. The story has a moral that giving does come from the heart, not the pocket.
We have a gorgeous pin-up of the Girl Commandos. These three girls are beautiful warriors. Pin-up art by Luis Rivera and colors by Federico Sioc.
Girl Commandos in “Girl Power Times Three!” Beetle Girl, Flame Girl, and Miss Fury spring into action when a zombie is sighted. The zombie is Fantomah. The art is beautiful as it shows off these women. Miss Fury has a unique way of attacking. The Girl Commandos handle Fantomah in the best possible way. It is great to see a different approach to winning a battle.
The flashback comic book ads are wonderful to see. They appear just as they did years ago.
Kragor appears in “Guardian of the Tomb” story by Lloyd Smith, art by JP Dupas and lettered by David Vance.
Kragor and Dantar another barbarian join forces to enter a wizard’s tomb. The giant snake is illustrated with a flare to scare. The two thieves do meet the Guardians of the Tomb.
The Black Rose in “The Secret of the Topaz Tiara!” created and written by Lloyd Smith, drawn and lettered by David Vance and colored by Warren Montgomery. The Black Rose and her sidekick detective have some fun catching the bad guys. Rose is drawn cute in her skin-tight black outfit. This adventure is fun to follow along and you are sure to enjoy it.
“Kobalto, El Luchador” Here Kobalto and Judo battle it out in the ring. Kolbalto does show passion in the way he is illustrated. He is a fighter. The story does explain how he became so powerful just not fully. Why is he fighting Judo? What is going on here? It needs to be explained a lot better. The art does portray Kolbalto as a hero.
Captain Jane:”Cat’s Ears” The Captain just sits in a bar watching as the action unfolds. A Cat Warrior also enters the bar and in a short time makes his kills. He is drawn cute yet he is a killer. He knows how to serve justice.
“Snake Eyes” A gambler goes head to head gambling with an Indian. This story takes a very unexpected turn. SSometimesthe wanting of something is not as good as the having of it.
This book is a good collection of stories that are sure to keep you entertained.

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