RICH REVIEWS: Monster Matador # 8

Title: Monster Matador # 8
Publisher: 2510 Press
Written by: Steven Prince
Art by: Steven Prince
Cover by: Steven Prince
Price: $ .99 US (digital)
Rating:  1 out of 5 stars
Comments: In this world, there are giant monsters that attack civilization. The Monster Matador is one of the planet’s defenders.
The Monster Matador must make his way to Santa Monica where he will face the giant cockroach attacking it. The roach looks great it is drawn just how you would expect it to be. For the most part, the black and white art is simply done. There are not many backgrounds.
This issue needed more action well it needed any action. There is none at all. The Monster Matador spends the entire issue traveling to get to Santa Monica where the monster is. The scenes showing the monster have it just sitting there. Some close ups of it attacking would have been nice to see.
Even the crash happens but where is the excitement, the thrills? Not here.
The Monster Matador we do not get any character development. Why should we care about him other than he has a daughter? Why does he put his daughter in peril? The Monster Matador looks like he has potential.

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