RICH REVIEWS: Monica # 2

Title: Monica # 2 “We Fought Each Other as Kids…Now We’re in Love?!”
Publisher: Papercutz/Charmz
Characters, Story, and Illustration created by: Mauricio De Sousa
Cover Artists: Zazo Aguiar, Marcela Curac Russi, and Fellippe Barbieri
Script: Mauricio De Sousa, Marina Takeda E Sousa, Petra Leao
Pencils: Denis Y. Oyafuso, Jose Aparecido Cavalcante, Lino Pas, Roberto M. Pereira
Illustrations: Mauro Souza, Zazo Aguilar
Inks: Cristina H. Ando, Jamie Podavin, Rosana G. Valim, Tatiana M. Santos, Viviane Yamabuchi, and Wellington Dias
Lettering: Marcelo Cassaro
Finishes: A. Mauricio Sousa Neto
Colorists: Jae Hyung Woo, Fabio Asada, Marcelo Kina, Maria Julia S. Bellucci
Price: $ 11.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Monica and her girlfriends have a date night planned and their guys get invited along to. The teen drama is thick. J-Five is fed up with being mistreated by Monica. She has to have everything her way and does not care what others think. than the story reverses this.
Monica and J-Five’s friends all know they belong together. It is just the two of them for some unknown reason have not gotten together. The drama just keeps building.
J-Five’s friend Smudge offers him advice. It is so easy to see these two J-Five and Monica are in love.
The black and white art is gorgeous presented. The girls are so cutely drawn.
All the characters grab your attention. They each have distinct personalities. The style of story telling were the characters know they are in a comic book is fun.
Monica goes out of her way to make J-Five jealous. She pushes him until he acts. When J-Five acts it is serious. He takes the initiative. It is a beautiful romantic thing. J-Five shows Monica what he wants.
Monica and J-Five do make an awesome couple. Their relationship has its ups and downs. They also make awesome friends. Seeing them competing is fun yet heartbreaking when they are not together.
These two Monica and J-Five share a love for each other that does come out here loud and clear.

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