RICH REVIEWS: Miraculous: Adventures of Lady Bug & Cat Noir # 2

Title: Miraculous: Adventures of Lady Bug & Cat Noir # 2
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Created by: Thomas Astruc
Written by: Thomas Astruc, Melanie Duval, Fred Lenoir & Sebastien Thibaudeau & Bryan Seaton
Art by: Brian Hess
Letters by: Justin Birch
Colors by: Darne Lang
Editing by: Nicole D’Andria & Bryan Seaton
Cover: Charlene Joaquin
Variant Cover: Tony Fleecs
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art is simplistic in a cartoon style.
Silurus is our villain this issue. A water based guy to protect the Seine and the fish in it. It is Spots On and Claws Out time.
Ladybug goes into action and saves a little girl. The scene though was done rather bland. It needed more excitement.
The villain Silurus he looks like a super villain. As the comic goes on he looks more silly.
Ladybug’s yoyo is an interesting device with its ability to turn into the one thing she needs to win the fight.
Ladybug and Cat Noir are surprised by other super-heroes as in Doorman, Majestia, Nightowl and Birdy. Ladybug and Cat Noir are needed to help stop the menace of Trash Krakken. This is a nice set up for the next issue.

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