RICH REVIEWS: Mighty Mouse # 5

Title: Mighty Mouse # 5
Publisher: Dynamite
Written by: Sholly Fisch
Art by: Igor Lima
Color by: Mohan
Letters by: Tom Napolitano
Cover A by: Igor Lima and Pete Pantazis
Cover B by: Anthony Marques, J. Bone, and Chris O’Halloran
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: In the real world Joey and Mighty Mouse have discovered that cartoon reality now works in the real world.
This comic does show us what it would be like if a cartoon character really did come to the real world.
Every time you hear “Here I Come To Save The Dayyyy!” it will give you a thrill. Seeing Mighty Mouse in action is exciting. He is a true hero who only does right.
Aw, there is a lesson here as well. Joey learns it and uses it. You do not need to be Mighty Mouse to “Save The Dayyyy!”
The art fits the story beautifully. Mighty Mouse though is drawn a little on the plain side. His actions though speak loud.
The way Joey could connect to the cartoon world is a great ability to have. Joey learns a lot in this series and does grow up.

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