RICH REVIEWS: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 21

Title: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 21
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by: Jonas Scharf
Colors by: Joana LaFuente
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire
The Ongoing Misdventures of Squatt & Baboo:
Written by: Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated by: Bachan
Colors by: Triona Farrell
Letters by: Jim Campbell
Cover by: Jamal Campbell
Connecting Variant Cover by: Steve Morris
Versus Variant Cover by: Dan Mora
Morpher Variant Cover by: Miguel Mercado
Action Figure Variant Cover by: Joshua McDonald with packaging design by David Ryan Robinson
Stan Lee Exclusive Covers by: Lucas Werneck
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Grace is a woman with a mission. She wants to make the world a better place and she wants to work with the Power Rangers to do that. Grace has the resources and her own private city even of scientists.
The Finster cat monster is drawn to startle and horrify you. The Power Rangers jump into action to battle this feline fury. Grace though has her own Mechazoid so she can send it into battle. So it was huge giant robot vs little kitty cat monster. You can guess which one won.
The colors are done way to dark. Too much black used in the art. The Power Rangers should be bright shining heroes full of hope not hiding in the dark.
So will the Rangers work with Grace to save the world? Can Grace be trusted? It seems too good to be true.
“The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo” Squatt & Baboo are rulers of Earth in this dimension or at least they think so. Everything seems perfect for them. Nothing is absolutely perfect though. The alien soldiers give you a hint at something being up.

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