RICH REVIEWS: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 20

Title: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 20
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by: Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colors by: Walter Baiamonte
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire
The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo:
Written by: Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated by: Bachan
Colors by: Triona Farrell
Letters by: Jim Campbell
Cover by: Jamal Campbell
Connecting Variant Cover by: Steve Morris
Versus Variant Cover by: Dan Mora
Action Figure Variant Cover by: Joshua McDonald with packaging design by David Ryan Robinson
Rangerstop 2017 Exclusive Covers by: Nathan Blu
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: On the moon, we see something very frightening. The art definitely catches your eye.
This story is weird. It starts out with Zordan recruiting a different team of Power Rangers to fight Psycho Green and evil version of the Green Power Ranger. He works for Dark Specter. Psycho Green plans to unleash the evilest entity Earth has ever seen. So the tension is high and the Rangers are new.
This team of Power Rangers is much different than the regular ones. They appear to be in the past though not much is explained. These Rangers fight valiantly against an evil foe.
This story great for showing us some other people as Power Rangers and maybe just maybe it will carry over eventually into the regular Rangers adventures.
“The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo” These two morons get themselves into the most pitiful adventures as they travel around from one dimension to the next. They are such bunglers that it becomes fun to watch them not succeed so much so you end up liking them.

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