RICH REVIEWS: Midnight Sky # 1

Title: Midnight Sky # 1
Publisher: Scout Comics
Writer: James Pruett
Illustrator: Scott Van Domelen
Colorist: Ilaria Fella
Scout Production: Kurt Knippel
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating:3  out of 5 stars
Comments: A family is moving and as they go we see the father is a bit dangerously crazy. They do move away and years later the world changes. The climate has changed now and not for the best.
Then we see an old woman encountering a group of three men. This does seem like an unfair fight. Well for the men. As soon as you see the woman and the way she acts you know she can look after herself. Jennifer picks up a dog during her fight. The characters in the story are being introduced as it goes along and you keep learning a little more.
This story gets more interesting as a twist is thrown in. Jennifer’s husband was more then he let on. In the future now it is not just the weather changes you have to watch out for.
Jessica’s two children Alejandro and Alita are both special in different ways that this issue just starts to reveal.
There are some mysteries here which as the series goes along should be cleared up.
The art looks good showing of the people and something else.  This issue is a good setup issue to start off. It gets you interested in what is going on and in Jessica. She is a wonderful character.

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