RICH REVIEWS: Michael Jackson in comics

Title: Michael Jackson in comics (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Biography and Writer: Ceka
Artists: various
Cover Art: Bast
Price: $ 26.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: 2300 Jackson Street. I Wish I Could Have Been… a Child! Artist Patrick Lacan.
Here we get a quick review of Michael’s childhood and the how and why he became interested in music. His father playing a big part in that.
Poor Michael, he did have a hard childhood if you could call it a childhood. His father pushed him and his siblings so hard. You will feel sorry for him. Michael’s early family life was never easy.
Michael and his brothers were pushed and pushed by their father to succeed. He did not let upon them.
From the Apollo Theater to Motown. The Place Where Dreams Come True. Artists Filippo Neri and Piero Ruggeri.
Michael and his brothers as the Jackson Five have a great premiere. These singers and performers wow the audience.
One Father and Five Mothers. Diana Ross: THE Lady in his Life? Artist JGSB.
Diana Ross played a big part in Michael’s life. What was she to Michael well this book hints that they were as close as you can get. Michael also had a few other ladies in his life but Diana was at the top.
From the Jackson 5 to Michael. Made in Motown. Artist Laurent Houssin.
Michael hit the big time with the Jackson five and he was only ten years old. There is some cool way out art showing the Jackson Five performing. The group looks great in comic book form.
5% Talent, 95% Hard Work. James Brown, the Mentor. Artist Lu-K.
In Michael’s case, he had tons of talent and he still worked hard to. Both together would lead to his success.
James Brown was a big influence on Michael. Michael would copy his moves as he practiced dancing. It was easy to see Michael was learning from the greats.
The Quincy Jones Trilogy. Thriller: No Mere Mortal Can Resist! Artist Guillaume Griffon.
Michael Jackson’s Thriller was a one of a kind video that was more like a short film. Thriller was a huge success and rightly so lots of talented people helped make it. If you have not seen it you should.
Birth of an Icon. An Extraterrestrial on Earth. Artist Sarah Williamson.
Michael and his Moonwalk helped to make him an Icon. When he first performed it people were in awe. Michael’s Moonwalk became world-famous. The art does deliver a style that does show off Michael in a classic style that pays tribute to his genius.
I Have a Dream. The MTV Blackout. Artist BiG ToF.
TV’s MTV only featured white artists so it took time and some pushing to change that. For black musicians, it has been a battle to get equal treatment. Michael helped pioneer black music on the small screen.
Jackson’s Jackpot. A 47-and-a-Half Million-Dollar Blunder. Artist Nikopek & Lou.
Michael and Paul McCartney did not agree on who should own some song rights. Michael proved he was a good businessman with this. Michael was much more than just a performer.
Fashionista. The Man with the White Socks. Artist Vox.
Michael’s style and fashion made him stand out. He had a look that only he could pull off and it endeared him to the world. So many things made Michael who he was, his fashion sense was one you could easily see.
Dancing Machine. The Man Who Slides On Clouds. Artist Domas.
This performer could dance and dance he did. This book brings across how easy Michael made something that was hard. He made his dancing look perfect yet he was always still pushing himself to be better. The art here really shows off Michael in his various dance moves. You do get an idea of just how great he really was.
We are the World. Check Your Egos at the Door. Artist Clément Baloup.
The song We Are the World did so much good. Not only did it raise a ton of money for charities but it also brought together so many talented artists to work together for a common goal. When Michael does something good he does it big.
Neverland. Now Go Go Go Where you Want. Artist Martin Trystram.
Peter Pan is illustrated so amazingly. He looks magical and with a strange twist. He and Michael do have a nice conversation. Michael is at heart a little kid who just wants his childhood.
Animal Spirit. Bubbles, Muscles, and Co. Artist Bast.
Michael was an animal lover. Here we learn that this attitude started from a young age. The comic illustration here is very amusing. You will laugh as you read it.
Tabloid or Fact? The Rumor Mill. Artist Guillaume Tavernier.
Wow, it is so weird the way simple facts can be distorted. The news media had a way of changing the facts about him. He was nowhere as crazy or bad as they let on he was.
The Lost Children. Ryan White: Gone Too Soon. Artist Aurélie Neyret.
Michael had such a big heart. He cared so much for others especially children who were suffering. Michael did so much to help others. He was not as crazy as the media lead you to believe.
Tabloid Junkie. The Elephant Man Case. Artist Anthony Audibert.
Poor Michael has had many rumors about him. Wacko Jacko a nickname maybe he did not deserve as much as some thought he did. The man was a boy trapped in a man’s body wanting a lost childhood.
Blood on the Dance Floor. Privacy. Artist Yigaël.
Michael was famous and recognizable so to once in a while enjoy being ordinary he would disguise himself to go out in public. He deserved to be left alone once in a while. He was famous yet he was still just a person.
Scandal at Neverland. Jordan Chandler vs Peter Pan. Artist Julien Akita.
Michael was accused of some crimes yet he was never found guilty there was no evidence. Being famous though sometimes makes being accused the same as being guilty even if it is not. People will prey on the famous.
Family Life. Once Upon a Time. Artist Lapuss.
Michael was looking for his happily ever after. Did he ever find it, who can say?
The Man with the 240 Awards. The Whims of a Star. Artist Kyung-Eun Park.
Famous people do at times ask for hard or outrageous requests. Michael did have some far-out ones.
Fans, I Love You More! What Kind of Fan Are You? Artist Jean-Christophe Pol & Vallale.
He had so many different fans and they all had one thing in common they all loved their idol, Michael.
Never Can Say Goodbye. Michael Forever. Artist Clément Baloup.
Over his career, Michael Jackson had become a legend and remains so to this day. He was a sensation in music and dance no one was like him and no one ever will be. The fame of Michael Jackson will live forever as he continues to thrill fans to this day and beyond.

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