RICH REVIEWS: Mermin Book Three: Deep Dive preview

(Graphic Novel, Hardcover)
Publisher: Oni Press
Written and Illustrated by: Joey Weiser
Colored by: Joey Weiser and Michele Childester
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is an all ages book.
This story had others before it and to fully follow it and understand it you have to have read them.
Mermin plans a trip to Mer and he is bring a group of humans. Mermin is a young short merman and a Prince.
The art is just like a cartoon and it takes place underwater. The colors are subdued.
Mer and Atlantis are at odds with each other. Mer is populated by merman and Atlantis by humans.
The humans visiting Mer from topside do get a tour. Merma, Mak and the human children do enjoy the tour.
A group of Mer thugs out to make money make trouble for the Mermin, Merma and the human surface dwellers. This leads to a free for all Mer people vs Atlantian humans vs surface humans vs Mer thugs. Mermin discovers his Royal power over the sea and lets loose with it.
This book ends leaving you hanging, it is to be continued.

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