RICH REVIEWS: Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy: Little Women: Chapter 1

Title: Meg, Jo, Beth, & Amy: Little Women: Chapter 1
Publisher: Tapas and Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Written by: Rey Terciero
Pencils by: Bre Indigo
Inks by: Gabrielle Rose Camacho
Colors by: Ryan Thompson
Little Women Created by: Louisa May Alcott
Price: free online
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a re-envisioned version with four sisters living in modern day Brooklyn.
Meg March, Jo March, Amy March and Beth March make up these four sisters.
“Chapter 1: All I want for Christmas” The backgrounds grab your attention first as they are stunning. Nice vivid colors, bold drawings that compliment the overall comic.
Sisters as they sit around talking you learn that they do have a bond. The girls realize the situation their family is in but they still have hopes and dreams. Their mother does everything she can for her family. Their father is serving his county far away.
This is a family who cares about each other and truly love one another. They may not be rich but they have each other. You will find yourself falling in love with these sisters, these little women.

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