RICH REVIEWS: MechaDeath # 1

Title: MechaDeath # 1
Publisher: Oh Nothing Press
MechaDeath created by: Austin Armatys & Corey J White
MechaDeath Magazine written by: Corey J White
Karnak artwork on page 9 by: Megan Mushi
Tzemeger artwork on page 17 by: Dan Comerci
Gaidan One artwork on page 23 by: 6VCR
Ikamulum artwork on page 31 by: Septian Fajrianto
MechaDeath Magazine designed by: Trash Been
Price: $ 7.99 US,  free online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Beyond death itself, Karnak Lurks” Karnak is a being bent on bring death to others. He creates to cause death. He brings death and destruction to planets. There are a lot of big powerful beings battling each other for Karnak. Who are they and why should we care about them?
The book does have minimalist art in it for the most part and some drawings of powerful beings.
The lettering gives depth to certain pages.
As the story goes on you do get drawn into the battles. The Earth mecha puts up a fight. This one does go on for quite some time and it is exciting.
There is very little actual art in this book only a few drawings of the beings mentioned. It is a little like a prose book.
The story starts out slow but does build momentum and the action moves faster as the Earth mecha battle one of Karnak’s mecha’s. This comic is a bit different than normal.

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