Title: Maximo Raw (GN)
Publisher:  Laurent Minassian
Writer/Artist: Laurent Minassian
Created by:  Laurent Minassian
Price: $ 80.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lou Smith gets himself in a lot of trouble with his gambling. The emotions the people are feeling are brought out clearly in the writing and art.
Maximo returns home and he is not overly upset at what has happened. He does swear to get Bobby Baccarat. Maximo goes on a killing spree and just keeps killing all Bobby’s men and a bloody massacre happens. Lots of bullets fly and tons of blood is spilled. The action gets super intense.
Lots of racial names against Caucasians are used.
Maximo fights like he has superpowers, dodging bullets, getting hit with no effect, the super-fast way he moves.
The art is detailed. Speed lines are used way too much, they cover up the art at times.
Now Maximo faces Bobby Baccarat’s top fighters to such as Eclipse and Venezuela Sunrise. Eclipse was all guns and racial comments and Venezuela Sunrise is swords and all about women being superior. Next a guy with lots of grenades attacks. Now a French Man tries his luck. The fighting after a hundred pages or so does start to grow boring. The story needs more substance to it. Next up is Mister Montana a guy that acts like various animals.
Maximo and Montana pose way too much while fighting. Real fighters would never do so.
Iron Apocalypse is the next fighter to face Maximo. Each killer going against Maximo has its own differences and arms. Maximo figures out different ways to fight them all. Last but not least is Bobby Baccarat challenging Maximo. These fights go on forever. They are filled with tons of hard-hitting action.
For a change of pace, we get a vehicular chase.  Plus more fighting hand to hand. So much fighting is within these pages. If you like an ultra-violent book loaded with gunfights and hard-hitting battles this will be for you.

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