RICH REVIEWS: Mary Shelley Presents # 3

Title: Mary Shelley Presents # 3
Publisher: Kymera Press
Story: Edith Nesbit
Written by: Nancy Holder
Penciler: Chiara Di Francia
Inker: Leurie Foster
Colorist: Dearhbla Kelley
Cover by: Amelia Woo
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mary Shelley hosts a tale by Margaret Strickland “The Case of Sir Alister Moeran”. Our narrator’s Mary Shelley and her monster are so wonderfully illustrated. She is a ghostly vision and him a creature of loyalty and respect.
The characters are all introduced. The main ones a woman and her fiance and her ex Maurice. All of them have been traveling. As the story goes on Ethne’s finance Alister starts to get an air of mystery about him. It soon becomes obvious what Sir Alister is.
The art wonderfully portrays the countryside. The animals dogs and the people all look great. Alister transformed is a sight you do not want to miss.
The story \goes along as expected and ends as expected no surprises at all but it is well told.
After the illustrated version of the story, the original version is printed for your reading pleasure.
These Mary Shelley Presents are a good read and they do give one a chance to read some long-forgotten horror stories that you would otherwise not get.

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