RICH REVIEWS: Marvel: Illustrated Guide to the Spider-Verse

Title: Marvel: Illustrated Guide to the Spider-Verse (HC)
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Written by: Marc Sumerak
Illustrated by: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Yancy Labat, Marco Del Forno
Price: $ 29.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ghost Spider is the narrator of this book. As she points out Peter Parker is the best Spider-Man and the one from Earth 616 which is the original one. This book really does give you a look at all the other Spider characters. There are so many of them and they are so different. You get a brief description of them delivered in a well-written narrative.
Lots of Earths have so many variations of Spider-Man yet it is Earth 616 that has the most. The art is gorgeous. Each page is filled with facts and art that will have you absorbed in this book.
There is even a dinosaur Spider-Man. Zombies, cyborgs, clones, yes even animals too, like a monkey and a cat, plus so many more different ones. You will marvel at all you see on these pages and if you did not like spiders before well that might change just a little or not. These spiders can be both friendly and deadly.
Spider-Men and Women from the past and present and future are shown here. Even Aunt May takes on a spider personality in one dimension.
Spider-Gwen aka Ghost-Spider aka Gwen Stacy makes the best narrator possible for this collection of all the characters spawned from the one and only original Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

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