RICH REVIEWS: Marvel Action Chillers # 1

Title: Marvel Action Chillers # 1
Publisher: IDW/Marvel
Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Layouts: Seth Smith
Art: Gretel Lusky
Finished Art & Colors: Derek Charm
Colors: Nahuel Ruiz
Letters: Valeria Lopez
Avengers Created by: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
Covers by: Gretel Lusky, Sweeney Boo
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ri Ri Williams aka Ironheart teams up with Doctor Strange. They have to fix things since Iron Man got a hold of a magic book and well the genius did not handle it like a genius.
There is a nice use of humor throughout the comic. Tony has to battle his own armor. It’s Tony Stark vs Iron Man. The art while for a younger audience is still very well done. It does show off the characters nicely and the writing brings across the evil of this magic book.
This comic is a short twenty-three pages long and then ten pages of advertising. The story is explained and we do get a little action. The Iron Man armor that is possessed does give off a menacing feel by the way it is drawn.
Having three super-heroes fighting a book to save the world is something you would only see in a comic book. It is entertaining. A younger audience would love it and anyone would enjoy it.

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