RICH REVIEWS: Mara: Chapter 2

Title: Mara: Chapter 2
Publisher: Stuffed Rock Studio
Writer: Dylan Goss
Illustrator: Rosi Woo
Price: $ 4.95 US (digital), free (online)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The first thing you will notice is how beautifully the Wolf God is illustrated. Next, you see Mara’s sadness.
Next, the comic skips around making it impossible to follow what is going on and who all the people shown are. Then Mara is back with Amaruq the Wolf God. The people she meets are Jun, Phile, Ben Kek-Ki, and Kal’Morr they are an interesting group.
Mara looks like just a small child yet she is so much more now. Mara in a battle against the zombies is a sight to see. She is strong and fast. The zombies are drawn as rotting sacks of flesh. Mara is a dervish in action as she smashes the undead.
How did this group come together? It is not explained well enough.
The scenery backgrounds are gorgeously illustrated. The dark underground has a dangerous look about it. The colors are so beautifully done.
When Mara picks out a weapon she picks out a weapon. The battle-ax is as big as she is. The group wizard Kal’Morr knows Mara is no ordinary girl.
Mara is a quiet girl that you would never want to get on her bad side

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