RICH REVIEWS: Malefic # 4

Title: Malefic # 4
Publisher: Devil’s Due/1First Comics
Writer: Dan Schaffer
Artist: David Miller
Lettering: Chris Crank
Cover: Dan Schaffer
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Websites: ,
Comments: A patient has gotten loose. Now the doctor hides where no one should find her. Exactly where another patient is hiding that also got out. The inmate, number 41, Ivy Blanck with the Doctor in hiding is illustrated beautifully. The attention to detail will amaze you.
Inmate Eleven is something else entirely. What she can do is amazing. The Doctor has her hands full with her. The backgrounds just add so much to the story setting the mood perfectly.
Missy an inmate has a unique power that is very dangerous. The imagination was definitely used in creating this comic.
The Doctor has one inmate number Eleven who can make you see what she wishes you to. Not only see but completely convince you of one thing when another is happening. It is one powerful ability and in the mind of an insane person. How does one deal with that? The Doctor needs to find out how and fast.
This comic is unlike anything you have seen before.
The Doctor is in but she may wish she was not.

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