RICH REVIEWS: Mahoney’s # 4

Title: Mahoney’s # 4
Publisher: Hardline Comics
Created by: Rich Carrington/Brian S. Dawson
Writer: Rich Carrington
Pencils/Inks: Brian Dawson
Colors: Bryan Artul Magnaye & Brian S. Dawson
Cover Art: Brian S. Dawson
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Superior and Nightcowl come to Mahonney’s Bar for help. Yes, the heroes need the villain’s help. So a couple of free heroes do team-up with a couple of ex-villains.
Mike and Superior take a little trip. Superier carrying Mike around is a cool scene. The villains and heroes do have their hands full. It looks like it will take not only brawn but brains as well to beat this alien menace.
Kat the She-Lioness is shown in action and she is amazing. She is illustrated as a beauty with skill and a toughness that will grab your attention.
The comic is character-driven. These people the so-called villains Mike, Kat, Blender, and the customers at Mahoney’s Bar who are more like family will invite you into their lives. These villains are the heart and soul of this comic and they deliver a great story.
Mike now is a big bad brawler yet he has a heart of gold. He may be the biggest baddest villain of them all but he is a true hero.

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