RICH REVIEWS: Mahoney’s # 2

Title: Mahoney’s # 2
Publisher: Hardline Comics
Creator/Writer: Richard Carrington
Artist: Brian Dawson
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mike has his hands full running his bar. There are so many wonderfully interesting characters that come to it and also that work there. This is a bar to visit that would never be boring.
In this issue the Capies Awards are featured as villains are honored. They do have some perfect categories for these villains who are not overly villainous. There are so many villains at the awards ceremony. You can not move without seeing a new one. Here we see Kat and Lynx two lovely ladies and Lynx wants Mike while Kat wants him to jus she is not making it as obvious. Both women are beauties.
Watching all these costume characters and non ones to is so much fun. The chief is well he takes getting used to and eating his food your better off not knowing how he prepares it. The Blender the waiter is one great guy and your average guy who you can easily identify with. You would love to hang out at this bar with Mike and his staff.

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