RICH REVIEWS: Magical History Tour # 10

Title: Magical History Tour # 10 “First Steps on the Moon: The Apollo Project” (GN)
Pubisher: Papercutz
Writer: Fabrice Erre
Artist: Sylvain Savoia
Translation: Nanette McGuinness
Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 6.99 US
Comments: Annie and Nico are two kids and Annie is educating Nico about man’s push to get to the moon. The book goes through each step so you do get well educated and the accompaning art helps you to visualize it all. All the facts including dates and times are mentioned here. This is well presented and delivered so anyone can easily follow it. NASA should consider using this as a book to educate students in schools or to have for tourists.
The exploration of space was an exciting time now however it has all died down. There are still astronauts on the space station.
The back of this book is filled with so much information about everything to do with space travel. This is a perfect book for a young reader who loves space and wants to know more. It is an easy read and the pictures go perfectly with the story.
There are so many people that were needed to make the space program work way more then just the astronauts. All the support staff and the builders it took over 400,000 so that Neil Armstrong could be the first person to step foot on the moon.

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