RICH REVIEWS: Mac Raboy Master of the Comics

Title: Mac Raboy Master of the Comics (HC)
Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing
Writer: Roger Hill
Artist/Cover Art: Mac Raboy
Price: Print $ 39.95 US, Digital $ 14.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mac Raboy was one of the greats in comic books and comic strips. His art was truly amazing. He drew Captain Marvel Jr., Flash Gordon, Dr. Voodoo, Zoro, Green Lama, Mystery Man. Bullet Man and Spy Smasher.
Manual Raboy later called Mac started drawing as a young boy. He did start working as an artist and eventually got into the comic book field. When you see his art it is very detailed and the colors are outstanding. The Green Lama was one of his first characters to work on.
This book is jam-packed with Mac Raboy’s art. The more you see of it the more you realize just how talented he was. He was the first to draw Captain Marvel Jr. We see lots of Golden Age super-heroes in these pages.
Mac was emotional about his art. As Captain Marvel Jr. became a success Mac needed help and he got it to get the books out on time. Other artists would do backgrounds for him or even help out on characters.
There are interviews within this book with comic book talent who knew Mac best. Everyone seems to agree he was a great artist but a slow one. He produced wonderful works of art from the Golden Age of comics. Even his son is interviewed.
The Green Lama was some of his finest work. He also worked on the Flash Gordon comic strip. His work will be remembered.
Mac Raboy did art his way slow and meticulous and beautifully rendered.

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