RICH REVIEWS: Lynx Vol. 2 # 1

Title: Lynx Vol. 2 # 1
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writer: Rik Offenberger
Artists: Milton Estevam, Joshua 1:9 Holley
Colors: Teo Pinheiro
Letters: Eric N. Bennett, Francisco Zamora
Cover: Mike Cody
Variant Covers: OMG/King, Butler/Monsanto, Steven Butler
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mateo Martinez and Maya Santiago make up the crime-fighting duo of Lynx.
Lynx finds themselves in a fight against Pavasos Del Crimen a group of criminal clowns. The art makes it look as if Mateo is attacking Maya but then it shows it is one of the clowns. The fight is a hard hitting one and clowns go down hard.
Maya gets a security job which is supposed to be a breeze. Well, that breeze becomes a hurricane. Maya is drawn as muscular yet still gets her beauty coming through. The half-naked mummy now she looks gorgeous. She is illustrated with powers too. Now usually when a meeting between a super-hero and an ancient Egyptian mummy with powers happens there is one thing you can count on happening. Well not here you get something totally different and in this story, it works way better.
“Who killed Terror Noir?” Yes, we see Terror Noir’s last moments.  As one hero dies another takes his place. Long live Kid Terror. The art style here is more cartoonish. It does show some nicely drawn muscles.
The issue starts out with Mateo and Maya both working together and then splits off into a solo adventure just for Maya one half of the Lynx. It is a little too short the one adventure would have been better if it had used the entire comic to present it. Overall though it was well presented. The Lynx either separate or together make for a great superhero.

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