Title: Luna # 1
Publisher: Konkret Comics
Creator/Writer: Karla Medrano
Artist/Colorist: Ian Sebastian
Letterer: Bok Noy Katok
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: On Planet Djoria in the Temple of Energy two powerful Energy Keepers face off. The Supreme stands for good and the One stands for evil. The One ends up losing yet he is still there and waiting and ready to find more power and unleash destruction on the universe.
Five thousand nine hundred and eight years later on the Planet Mahru. Luna and her parents are a loving family. Both the art and story bring out that Luna is a kind and caring person.
Twenty years later Queen Luna is shown as an adult and she is a vision of loveliness. Her world of Mahru is a paradise. Luna has two admirers as well who both want her hand. This story does have romance and drama as well as heartbreak.
Aibek and Luna were once together but now they are apart. Something significant has separated them.  It is a mystery what.
Luna is warned and must decide what she will do and what is best for her planet and its people. As their Queen, it is her duty and as a person, she loves her people and will protect them.
This issue does introduce all the players and sets up for what is to come. The Energy Keeps are shown yet only one is shown using any powers.
Queen Luna, Aibek, and others have powers; in this issue, they are not shown using them. It is nice in one way to use this issue as a lead into them using their abilities in future issues.
Queen Luna in so many ways is someone you come to care about. You will be rooting for her.

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