RICH REVIEWS: Lumberjanes # 44

Title: Lumberjanes # 44
Publisher: BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box
Created by: Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson & Brooke Allen
Written by: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
Illustrated by: Ayme Sotuyo
Colors by: Maarta Laiho
Letters by: Aubrey Aiese
Cover: Kat Leyh
Subscription Cover: Ayme Sotuyo
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The writing and art both come across as for a very young audience.
A huge rock Sentry is destroying all around it. So how to stop it? Well, the simplest solutions are most likely the best.
Poor Molly she just wants to stay at camp cause at home she does not fit in. This is a heart touching moment and the only moment that does stand out.
What was up with Rosie and what was happening as she aged? Is she some kind of creature? A clue would have been nice.
The issue needed more action. The story needed more to it.
The Lumberjanes are the best of friends and always will be. They look out for each other and care and love each other.

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