RICH REVIEWS: Lost and Found: A Heart of the City Collection

Title: Lost and Found: A Heart of the City Collection (GN)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Auther/Artist: Steenz
Price: $ 12.99 US, $ 16.99 Can
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Heart is a young cute girl who enjoys life. She has to deal with everyday life things; such as her dad abandoning her and her mother and now coming back into their lives, cleaning her room, and more. The way the story goes it is not until a quarter way in that you become sure Dean is a boy when his name is mentioned as Dean and Heart is a friend of his. It is so confusing.
You will learn about life through Dean as he goes about living his. The lessons here are meaningful ones that should be taken to heart.
Dean does go to the lost and found looking for his lost jacket. Dean and his friends find a mystery to investigate.
Ok from the writing Heart may be Dean’s sister or friend it is so unclear. About halfway in it finally becomes clear which characters are which, well maybe cause as the story continues it is still hard to tell which is which.
Heart gets to be an understudy for a play and she is not that happy about it. With some help, she does learn to accept it.
Each section of the book focuses on one of the main characters. There are four Heart, Dean, Kat, and Charlotte. Kat and Lee are getting along well , which mightlead to romance among the teens.
Charlotte is having a family BBQ and inviting all her friends and their friends. Racism is touched on briefly. Also religious beliefs. Plus liking the same sex. Many things are mentioned slightly so they are not a msignificantissue yet you know they exist.
This is an all-ages book about friendship. One that anyone who has gone to school can identify with.

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