RICH REVIEWS: Los Valiants Volume 1

Title: Los Valiants Volume 1 (GN)
Publisher: Arcana
Written, Lettered, Colored by: Edgar Delgado
Art by: Omar Lozano
Cover by: Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado
Chapter Breaks Art: Bachan, Polo Jasso, Edgar Delgado, Pedro Delgado
Additional Coloring: Ulises Grostieta
Lettering: Angel Rodriguez, Hector Coronado
Based Upon Characters Created by: Erik Delgado
Price: $ 14.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter 1: Alternate Past” Art by Bachan. The Deer looks amazing in action. Victory and Erik Robles are both in this story to so the heroes are gathering. Two more of the team in the making are here too. The art is well done. The fight scenes are great and overall the art does present these animal people as believable.
“Chapter 2: Vigilantes” Art by Edgar Delgado. Tron Beta 2.0 is a robot duck from the future. The whole team is coming together here. They do seem mismatched yet that can and does make for a good team.
“Chapter 3: Attack of the Blood Suckers” Art by Polo Jasso. The plot thickens Katoree is a vampire and she is trying to get a powerful army of vampires behind her. So Tron and Thunder chase after the Vampire Queen. Things are weird in this comic with animals in roles as heroes, robots, vampires, and intelligent beings. We are treated to a well-illustrated battle between robot duck and Vampire Queen.
“Chapter 4: Spilled Blood” Art by Pedro Delgado. It is an all-out battle super-heroes vs vampires to the finish.
So this is how and where Los Valiants forms and its members Venado, Thunder, Lupuz and Hak. They make a great team.
We can leave with a mystery and unanswered questions. So a Vol. 2 could be coming.
This book has excitement, thrills, and chills. Lots of action and adventures and you get to see the birth of a brand new super team, Los Valiants.

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