RICH REVIEWS: Lola’s Super Club # 1

Title: Lola’s Super Club # 1 “My Dad is a Super Secret Agent”
Publisher: Papercutz
Script and Art: Christine Beigel & Pierre Foulllet
Price: $ 9.99 US, $ 14.99 US (HC)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “My Dad is a Super Secret Agent”
Lola is a little girl with a big imagination and here she sets out on an adventure. Her amazing power is she knows ballet and can dance in a fight plus she has a little toy dinosaur with one power that makes him quite useful.
Lola and her band of toys do continue on her adventure. Lola does encounter a scribble monster. She also sees so many strange things yet does not think them strange.
The variety of characters does make for a fun assortment. Lola and her super club take on pirates and witches and hench dogs.
The art is cute and all the characters are fun to see even the villains look cute.
Lola does have a grand adventure before bedtime and then it is bedtime.
James Blond is a secret agent who does not know he is one. Or if he does it’s a secret. Lola knows though. She knows a lot like how to have the most amazing adventures.
“My Mom is Lost in Time” Here Lola and her super team pursue her mother who was kidnapped through the TV and is now lost in time. Lola has the most amazingly weird adventures. Her travels take her through time as well as around the world.
This book is geared towards younger female readers yet anyone could and would enjoy reading it. The art as well is for a younger audience yet it is filled with fun drawing that any age can enjoy.
Lola is an amazing girl who will take you along on the most adventurous adventures you have ever had.

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