RICH REVIEWS: Lion’s Blaze (animated series)

“Lion’s Blaze” is a new animated series from creator Olan Rogers.
“Lion’s Blaze” follows a group of four friends that have been trapped in an arcade game for fifteen years. Just when they think they have the game figured out, one of the friends gets killed. In order to bring back their friend and get out of the game’s world, the group has to go on an epic quest to collect the remaining five ‘stones of the Lion’s Blaze.’

Written & Directed by: Olan Rogers
Producer: Matt Hoklotubbe
Executive Producers: Melissa Schneider & Kathleen Grace
Animation: Studiojoho, Joe Brumm, Josh Hall
Run Time: 9 min 55 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Comments: The voice narrating the show has a timber to it that will have your full attention. The animation is done with gorgeous colors and four people trapped in the game are done so it is almost as if they can see you looking at them.
The animation is spot on. The feeling you get while watching this fantasy game unfold gets your imagination going. It is so much fun to watch the action. Than things turn serious.
The characters immediately grab your attention. You will start caring about each one and what happens to them. These warriors Thuswindburn, Sir Luke John, Billy and Tricks all provide so much excitement. This series will be a grand adventure for all.

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