RICH REVIEWS: Life Is Strange Vol. 3: Strings

Title: Life Is Strange Vol. 3: Strings
Publisher: Titan Comics
Written by: Emma Vieceli
Artwork by: Claudia Leonardi
Colors by: Andrea Izzo
Letters by: Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Cover Art by: Claudia Leonardi
Original story and characters by: Raoul Barbet, Jean-Luc Cano, and Michel Koch
Price: $ 11.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects Life is Strange #9-12.
Maxine Caufield has a unique gift. Now Max has some great friends; Chloe, Rachel, Tristan. The recap and then as these friends talk does catch you up and fill in questions you would have had. There is a lot of drama involved here. Traveling to different realities plus time warping can be stressful. Max is dealing with it all and quite well considering.
Max does not just use her ability she thinks about it and what the consequences are in using it.  The story does focus on four people and we get to know them and their lives.
Max and Rachel share a touching moment. It is so heartwarming. These two are the best of friends.
The art is simple and effective in bringing across the characters’ personalities and how they feel about each other.
Exactly how Max is using her powers to save reality and all those she cares about is a bit hard to follow. Max and Tristan try to go to her original reality. They try but Max knows and feels something is wrong. Something is not working right for her.
Here, Max and Chloe, both versions of Chloe have Max’s love. The original Chloe is waiting and hoping to be reunited with Max and you can feel her hope. Yet she still lives and enjoys her life as she knows Max would want her to.
Max does live a strange life but she does live it.

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