RICH REVIEWS: Life, Death & Sorcery # 2

Title: Life, Death & Sorcery # 2
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Writer/Artist/Cover: Danny Zabbal
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Amelia is hearing a voice.
Now a look back at her childhood. She has two younger sisters and a father. The mother lives separately. We see here that Amelia is a strong willed person and when her mind is made up its made up. She is having way to hard a time accepting things as they are.
Her sisters care enough about her to follow her as she leaves.
The voice Amelia is hearing is saying more. It wants her to go where it says. The way the voice is presented you know it is not just in her head. Amelia the way she accepts hearing it to you know she knows its real.
Amelia enters a house and is closer to the voice. It keeps warning her.
The art is passably good but nothing to write home about.
Near the end things do pick up and the story grabs your interest. It has you wanting to know what comes next and why is this happening?

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