RICH REVIEWS: Liberty: Deception Vol. 1

Title: Liberty: Deception Vol. 1
Publisher: Dossigner Publishing
Co-Creator, Producer, Writer: Travis Vengroff
Co-Creator, Storyboards: Adam Cartwright
Sketches and Inks: Raymund Bermudez & Art Shaft Team
Colors: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Eduardo Camacho
Cover Art: Eirich Olsen
Hardcover: Full Color, 148 pages
Price: $25.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Tertulius Justus is conducting an Official Investigation. He is conducting his investigation in a prison.
What is going on in this prison? You will be asking yourself that. A prison riot is shown out of the blue. As Special Agent Tertulius Justus jumps into the fray he is all action. His guns are an amazing design. He is drawn as a man of fast paced action. Then it all changes. What is really going on here? Was it all make believe. Is Tertulius Justus just an actor? The opening sequence was presented in a way to have you thinking he was so much more. It works well. Then it leaves you hanging and grasping at reality as it changes in your mind.
Tertulius Justus is a fraud. Well, he is a good guy but what do you do when you’re fired from being the hero of the people?
The story is confusing yet the way it is written it works and grabs your interest.
So Justus has had his life turned upside down. Now he is planning his own prison break. So five other prisoners are helping him. We are given a wonderful look at each of these other prisoners and their personalities.
This ragtag group becomes a functioning team while making their escape. They make it to the Fringe the butt end of civilization. Now their adventure truly begins.

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