RICH REVIEWS: Liana Recchione Artist for The List

First Comics News: How did you like working on such an iconic character as Santa Claus?

Liana Recchione: Santa Claus is sort of a dream for everybody and thinking of him as a more human character was very interesting and also beautiful for me. It’s been a new way to figure him.

1st: How is Sal different from the traditional Santa Claus?

Liana: He is grumpy in a way that people love. He is often upset because he loves children very much. His sorrow seems to be our when there’s nothing he can do to help them. He has only one night, a single opportunity, and he must do his best and save all children possible.

1st: What personality does your art give to Jesus Christ in “The List”?

Liana: I’m christian, and since I was a child I loved the ‘character’ of Jesus Christ. I even thought of him as a friend with whom I can talk with simplicity. I always pondered about him as a person, a human who isn’t completely human. How much heavy could be his sense of responsibility? So ‘my’ Jesus is a character who shows his sense of responsibility and a lot of patience, like a father dealing with disobedient children, who reproaches them and who, nevertheless, manages to show how much he loves them.

1st: Would you like to work on “The List # 2”

Liana: Of course I’d like to! I’m working on something else at the moment… But I’m already in contact with James for issue #2. I do not have a specific date yet. Just, stay tuned!

1st: How does one make an elf look like an elf?

Liana: Well, to tell the truth this wasn’t a great struggle for me… Elves? Pointy ears, some nice physical feature et voilà ! We have our elves.

1st: What is the story in “The List”?

Liana: The List is the story of a man who tries to do his best (and even more) using only little time and few instruments that have been given to him… and I think it is a really good story.

1st: What is “Risenfall” and why do you enjoy working on it?

Liana: Risenfall is my comic or, should I say, the graphic novel in two parties that I realized in the last four years. I always created stories of my own. To be honest when I was a child I used to write my stories before drawing the characters. I love these kind of creations. So, Risenfall is a story about a young man who tries to be a good person, despite his past pretends otherwise. It is a story in which the characters try to improve themselves counting on their own strength and thanking people who stay at their side all along.

1st: Which comic that you have not worked on would you like to and why?

Liana: Well, at the moment the only comic that comes to my mind, is a french version of Pride & Prejudice. I love very much the art of the comic artist who is drawing it… but I hope that one day I’ll be able to work on a version of mines because it’s one of my favorite novels.

1st: What is the comic book scene like in Italy, are there many Italian comics?

Liana: In the latest years, the Italian comic market is growing up and we have very talented artists even if the working solutions are still few. But every year the situation seem to improve and now we have many Italian famous authors throughout Europe.

1st: Why the nick name soul-whisper?

Liana: It’s an old nick name but it reflects what I hope to do with my art: whisper emotions to the souls simply using the images I create.

1st: Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Liana: Yes of course, but in a different kind of Santa Claus. I believe that there’s a little Santa into all of us, when we try to do our best to make people that we love happy.

1st: Any last words for all the fans of your work?

Liana: I hope that people will keep enjoying my artworks and I’ll do my best in my future projects and the next issue of The List!

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