RICH REVIEWS: Lazarus, the Forever Man # 0

Title: Lazarus, the Forever Man # 0
Publisher: Martian Lit
Writing: Julian Darius
Art: Sergio Tarquini
Colors: R.L. Campos
Letters: Colin Bell
Cover Art: Mansyur Daman
Lazarus Created by: Julian Darius and Sergio Tarquini
Martian Mythology Created by: Julian Darius
Price: $ 2.99 US
Comments: “Lazarus” Lazarus has returned to his family. Being returned from the dead after days dead does not leave one’s body looking to well. It is sad that people even family judge a person by how they look.
Jesus we see is more than was thought and also less in this story.
Lazarus is a man who is lost, he does not know what to do with his new life. He is out of place wherever he goes.
“What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” Lazarus goes to Athens looking for answers. Here all Gods are worshiped. The people believe in whatever they wish or whatever someone else wishes them to as well.
The art is somber as we follow Lazarus around.
Lazarus is a somewhat interesting character but not all that exciting.

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