RICH REVIEWS: Landing Lake

Summary: A team of satellite technicians enters the woods to repair a communication station but they are forced to rescue the crew of an airplane that crashed near a lake. They quickly realize that something may be coming from the lake that is affecting their minds and the passing of time. As they lose their inhibitions their most primal desires take hold. Lured in by the unseen entity it seems that only one of the team is permitted to bond with it and so be reborn in a new physical body. A terrifying game of strategy not to survive, but rather to die with the promise of life anew.


Directed by:
Cesare P. Libardi di K.

Writing Credits:
Cesare P. Libardi di K.

Franck Assi … Phil
Emma Bown … Ann
Joanna-Leigh Hewitt … Alexandra
Veronica Osimani  … Elisabeth
Craig Peritz … Robert
Lee Ravitz … Mike
Aaron Stielstra … Matt
Victoire Vecchierini … Georgie
Phil Zimmerman P… Jack

Produced by:
Cesare P. Libardi di K. … producer

Run Time: 1 hr, 40 min
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: The lighting is so dark it makes it hard to make out everything.
There is a group of people that go out into the woods to fix something mechanical or electrical. Georgie is the leader and she is a cute woman. They do reach a tower and it a mystery why it is not working. Then a plane crashes and the four are off to investigate.
The technicians and the people from the crashed plane spend a lot of time just wondering around. The music playing is creepy. Emotions do seem to start running high. Mike is way to high strung.
The people do start to act weird. There is nothing to indicate why. What is going on?
Than Phil something weird and deadly happens to him. The people are blocked in by a force field of some kind. What is the purpose though?
The people do begin to suspect something is in the lake.
The characters we need to learn more about so we care more about them and what is happening to them.
A look into the past answers no questions.
Whatever is in the lake has made some of the people horny. Jack seems to have gone over the deep end. Ann becomes violent.
The ending here might have time travel its hard to tell for sure. It does make little to no sense at all as does most of the film. There are some good actresses and actors in this movie they just do not have a great script. There needed to be more to this movie.

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