RICH REVIEWS: Kull: Eternal # 1

Title: Kull: Eternal # 1
Publisher: IDW
Written by: Tom Waltz
Art by: Luca Pizzari
Colors by: Triona Tree Farrell
Letters by: Christa Miesner
Cover by: Luca Pizzari
Variant Covers by: Alex Sanchez/Colors by Triona Tree Farrell, Xermanica, Jheremy Raapack/Colors by Jay Fotos, Julio Das Pastoras
Kull Created by: Robert E. Howard
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story surprisingly starts off in the present day in Antarctica. A military post has some trouble as Serpent Men attack. Kull is ready for them, a modern version of him. Kull is shown as a fighter and good with a sword. He is not drawn through as tough and hardened as you would expect.
Then we jump back in time to Valusia, Long Ago. Here Kull is shown as a man bored by court life. He seeks adventure when it is offered without a thought to his safety or his Kingdom’s. He is reckless.
Having King Kull as a time traveler is a different twist on his ways. Plus the fact that this is a watered down version of the barbarian warrior King. Seeing Kull fitting in in different time periods does and will offer some interesting new aspects to his character. We get to look at him just a little differently.

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