RICH REVIEWS: Kong of Skull Island # 12

Title: Kong of Skull Island # 12
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: James Asmus
Illustrated by: Carlos Magno
Colors by: Jeremy Lawson
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Kim Myatt
Based on Kong of Skull Island Created by: Joe DeVito
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Here we start out with utter chaos the dinosaur monsters are in a berserker rage. The Kong as well have been driven mad. Through it all a mother searches and finds her daughter. The daughter is strong and forgiving. She shows the signs of a Queen.
The people are drawn flat looking. The monsters though especially Kong looks awesome. Kong is drawn as a fearsome beast. He stands tall above all others.
The tribe after much infighting and plotting join together. They live on Skull Island and so does Kong. Kong is treated, feared and protected like a God.

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