RICH REVIEWS: Kong of Skull Island # 11

Title: Kong of Skull Island # 11
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: James Asmus
Illustrated by: Carlos Magno
Colors by: Jeremy Lawson
Letters by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover: Kim Myatt
Based on Kong of Skull Island Created by: Joe DeVito
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The creature art is gorgeously done with a fierceness to it that is primordial. Among the creatures is the Feral Kong.
Various factions are fighting over the Kong’s. They want to either use them or kill them. The humans, Kong’s and other monsters all run free on this Island.
The ruler of one faction wants her daughter and the future Queen safe. The other leader wants the daughter dead. A mother will do anything to protect her child.
The story itself is not all that interesting. Plus it is hard to follow parts of it. The characters are not played up enough to make them memorable.
All hell breaks loose on the Island as dinosaurs and Kong’s alike go on a killer rampage. The art does bring out the ferocity of these beasts.

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