RICH REVIEWS: Know Your Station # 1

Title: Know Your Station # 1
Publisher: BOOOM! Studios
Written by: Sarah Gailey
Illustrated by: Liana Kangas
Colored by: Rebecca Nalty
Lettered by: Cardinal Rae
Main Cover by: Liana Kangas
Variant Coveres by: Liana Kangas, Becca Carey, Jenny Frison, Tula Lotay
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The tour of the First Resort space station it is like a paradise for the rich. At the station, we see Detective Sergeant Leona Pritchard and Elise a Liaison who is a drug addict who is the security there.
The story moves really slowly, the characters are not explained much or what is happening.
So Alberto Fairmilk was murdered. He was killed in an extremely gory fashion. After seeing the crime scene again, Elise needs to relax so her drug dealer the station’s AI helps her relax.
One murder leads to another. Elise is finding out she is in for a tough time. This drug-addicted security person has one hard case to solve on her hands and the main suspect is not who she wants it to be.
The art depicts Elise as an ordinary woman who realizes she is in over her head. The help she asks for does not work out.
The characters need to have more to them. We need to know more about them. Elise why is she on this space station for the rich of the planet Earth? Can Elise solve this case? Does she have the drive to do so?
Elise is a likable character who people can identify with.

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